VR & Sensory Insight Experiences

immersive  multisensory exploration for insights & innovation

VR & Sensory Insight Experiences

immersive  multisensory exploration for insights & innovation

Patent pending digital-analog methodology combining VR and complementary multi-sensory activities: touch, smell, taste, audio, etc.

Up to 100 people can be simultaneously transported inside a person's life to experience a new world.

Imagine ethnography (at scale) that fosters deep understanding, empathy, insights and discovery.

Instantly transport individuals or entire teams to new places - where the sights, sounds, smells, objects and people are brought to life.



Unlocking deeper, richer and free-flowing insights.

Cultural Awareness

First-hand understanding of people, cultures and context.


Empathy and discovery for innovation and creative inspiration.

Team Building

Team building comes from a powerful shared immersive experience, vulnerability, sensory stimulation and discovery.


Improved attention/focus from the immersion and sensory stimulation results in a 30% increase in content retention.

Culture Change

Noticeable improvements in collective exploration, discovery, problem solving and innovation contribute to culture-change.

"A powerful and cost efficient way to mine for insights at scale."

"A digital-analog way to jumpstart creativity and wonder... ideas flow"

"A hybrid of ethnography and anthropology at a fraction of the cost and time"

"Our entire global team was instantly inside the consumer's home... touching, smelling, exploring."

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