Why VR & Sensory is Superior?

This is not just a VR experience (like a VR game or VR meeting). VR alone is not as powerful as VR + multisensory stimuli. The unique, patent-pending [inside]sights' approach is that it is both digital and analog. The multisensory stimuli that complements the digital (VR) content is the secret sauce to unlocking insights, discovery and inspiration.

Caters to Different Learning Styles

Simply moving around in VR is not everyone's cup of tea.  That's why we incorporate complementary smell, touch, taste, etc. stimuli and artefacts that appeal to the left- and right-brain.

Imprints the Brain: More Memorable

Neuroscience shows that the combination of VR with real world stimuli makes a stronger neural imprint. It also weaves new neural pathways (resulting in new connections and deeper insights).